At-Home Swimming Lessons for Toddlers


Babies and Swimming

Teaching our babies how to move around in the water is how we get them started on the right track. At Aquado, our master-swimmers, trained by the Red Cross, have a lot of experience teaching toddlers how to swim. They offer private swimming lessons for toddlers as young as 4 months old, who learn to be comfortable in the water from a very young age. Overall, toddlers adapt to the water very quickly and can really benefit from our at-home swimming lessons.

Our private swimming lessons do not require parents to be in the water themselves, but they can if they choose to be. Our lead swimmers take the time to discuss the advantages of both options with the parents when they sign up, but most parents find no problem with our master-swimmers’ being alone in the pool with their baby swimmers.

However, for group lessons with toddlers, we require one parent’s presence per child in the pool as a security measure and to maximize the time we have for exercises for each of our little swimmers.

The Aquado team recommends a program of 12 to 16 30-minute swimming lessons. Our master-swimmers love spending time with the toddlers to make sure they have a successful experience and that the lessons start off on the right base from the beginning.

Throughout the years, we’ve noticed that babies who have taken private courses with Aquado learn to swim by themselves much faster and more easily after turning two and a half.

Getting Started and
Learning the Basics

Our at-home swimming lessons for babies focus mainly on familiarizing the baby with swimming. Our master-swimmers have two main priorities: the safety and enjoyment of their swimmers. Every exercise is created in accordance with the aptitudes of our swimmers. Certain toddler students have an easier time with the water and enjoy it more than others, and you see totally different progression from one child to the next. Our master-swimmers
have two
main priorities:
the safety and
enjoyment of
their swimmers.
During at-home swimming lessons, Aquado’s master-swimmers also teach the toddlers how to submerse themselves under water, how to fetch rings under the water, how to open their eyes under water, how to make bubbles, how to jump in with and without help (depending on the child’s age), how to move around the water on their bellies, on their backs and on their sides, how to kick their legs, how to float and much more!

A Fun and
Safe Approach

Toddlers swimmers who take Aquado’s at-home swimming lessons are taken under the wing of qualified swimming instructors who have all been certified by the Red Cross in water safety, in addition to their national lifeguard and first aid certification from the Lifesaving Society of Quebec. Safety plays a fundamental role in the teaching techniques of our entire ream. Our master-swimmers make sure to implement the safest practices and habits when dealing with aquatic environments. And it’s for this reason that we recommend parents of children four-months-old and older with a residential pool to offer their child at-home swimming lessons.

Think Ahead and Entrust
Your Infants with Aquado

Entrust your children with Aquado and offer them an unforgettable summer! The experience of our personalized swimming lessons for infants allows our baby swimmers to conquer their fears and get comfortable with swimming by learning how to submerse themselves under water, float and glide on the water, all while giving parents peace of mind. Follow in the steps of other satisfied families who have used

Aquado’s services and sign your infant up for private swimming lessons!

Did you know that…

Babies are better at using their muscles in the water than on land. In fact, in the water, they are less limited by gravity and the dexterity it takes to sit up or stand! In addition, water helps toddlers improve their coordination and balance by allowing them to swim and move around while balancing on their stomach and back.