At-Home Swimming Lessons for Seniors


Swimming: the best
sport for older adults

Keeping in good health and physical shape is important during all stages of life. While it’s crucial to eat healthily and sleep well, so is incorporating a good amount of daily physical activity into your schedule, whether it’s walking, riding bicycle, jogging or swimming!

Seniors who decide to keep in shape by swimming for pleasure or taking swimming lessons have chosen an exceptional sport with a range of benefits for the body. Swimming:

  • is a non-impact sport on the joints,
  • helps tone muscles without pain or stress,
  • has mental health benefits as well!

Swimming Lessons
for Seniors at Aquado

Aquado offers swimming lessons for beginning, intermediate and advanced swimmers of all ages, including elderly individuals. Our private at-home services help our master-swimmers personalize lessons based on the age, level, abilities and physical shape of each of their swimmers.

You can rest assured that your master-swimmer will be able to adapt to your needs and preferences. Aquado’s swimming lessons for seniors are taught using the following Red Cross Swim programs:

Basics (beginner): If you simply wish to learn how to swim or get over your fears of the water, you will be signed up as a beginner. You’ll be introduced to basic swimming techniques, from having your head and face underwater, using floating devices, breathing techniques and gliding. Learning stages are the same for all swimmers, regardless of their age – it’s the approach that differs (speed, intensity, exercises, etc.). Most of the time spent in the lesson will take place in the shallow end of your pool, although we can most certainly introduce you to the deeper end with your swimmer or a floating aid when he or she feels you are ready. Progress is step by step, at your pace. Once you feel more comfortable in the water and can float and glide alone, you will be introduced to basic techniques for learning the front crawl and back crawl.

Swimming Styles (intermediate): If you already know how to hold your own in the shallow and deep ends and know basic techniques like the front crawl and back crawl, you will be signed up for the intermediate level. You will have the opportunity to improve your skills with these two styles in addition to learning the elementary backstroke, the breaststroke and the sidestroke styles. Aquado’s intermediate levels are there to help you master the swimming styles and improve your technique. You master each style individually before your master-swimmer teaches you the next, following a specific order.

Swimming Sports (advanced): Aquado’s advanced swimming lessons for seniors are based on perfecting the styles, focusing on the front crawl, the back crawl, the breaststroke, or the elementary backstroke and sidestroke, two of the easiest and lightest swimming styles. Advanced levels also focus on endurance and speed.

Keeping in good health
and physical shape
is important during
all stages of life

Aquafitness Courses
for Seniors at Aquado

Our at-home aquafitness courses allow you to remain in the comfort of your own pool and have an experienced, polite aquatic fitness instructor there to help you with anything needed in order and make your aquafitness experience as beneficial and enjoyable as possible.

The master swimmers bring any materials needed for the lessons, including music! All you need is your bathing suit … and your pool!

Did you know that…

Did you know that the fastest person on earth can run 44 km/h, while the fastest fish, the sailfish, can swim 110 km/h?