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id you know that Quebec is home to more than 500,000 residential pools? A great number of them can be found in Montreal, in addition to over 350 public aquatic facilities. Water recreation is rather omnipresent in Montreal.

However, swimming lessons are limited to just a few dozen public pools. Seeing this disparity between access to water and access to swimming lessons, Annie and William made the decision to found Aquado.

In Montreal, Aquado brings an innovative service by bring swimming lessons directly to residential pool owners. A team of certified and experienced master-swimmers travel to each swimmer’s home in order to offer them high-quality lessons. Aquado’s goal is to make swimming lessons more available and ensure that each and every Montrealer can be safe around a body of water.

Aquado’s services
in Montreal

Private swimming lessons and lessons in small group

Aquado is Montreal’s specialist in at-home private swimming lessons or lessons in small group (3 or 3 swimmers). Our dynamic, certified and experienced master-swimmers offer swimming lessons that are tailored to the needs of each of their swimmers. Our approach, which follows the Red Cross Swim programs, is designed to teach swimmers of all ages and levels how to swim. To learn more on our swimming courses, click here.

Lifeguard training

Being certified by the Lifesaving Society, Aquado’s master-swimmers give courses for three Bronze levels (Star, Medal and Cross) as well as First-aid/AED training. Our at-home lifeguard lessons in small groups are perfect for taking the steps to becoming a lifeguard. Visit the page for each course to learn more.

Aquatic safety training for Adults

For two years now, Aquado has offered preventive training to parents and pool owners in Montreal. This mini-course is two hours and is a combination of basic lifeguard, monitoring and first-aid training to help parents be ready to prevent and react to accidents in and around their pool. To learn more on this course, click here.

Private lifeguard service for monitoring residential pools during parties

Also experienced and certified lifeguards, Aquado master-swimmers are available to watch over your pool when for parties or special events using your pool. What could be better than being able to enjoy your get-together with peace of mind?

Aquado’s Approach
in Montreal

First and foremost, all Aquado’s swimming and lifeguard services are offered at your home, in your residential pool. Our approach allows our swimmers to learn in an environment with which they are familiar and safe, with no distractions. In addition, you no longer need to travel in order to take high-quality swimming lessons.

Secondly, all our services are personalized and adapted to each swimmer. In adapting each activity, exercise or game, our swimmers progress much more quickly – and have fun the whole way! Our master-swimmers get to know their swimmers so they can build a relationship with them based on trust, safety and fun.

Finally, we ensure you a flexible schedule for the entire summer and allow you to create you’re a schedule suited towards your availability, and the option to reschedule up to three lessons per summer!

Where can you find
Aquado in Montreal?

Have we not reached your neighborhood yet? Do you and your neighbors want to take our lessons? Send us a message and we will try to find a master-swimmer who can give you at-home lessons all summer long!

  • Ville Mont-Royal
  • Saint-Laurent
  • Westmount
  • Ahuntsic-Cartierville
  • Ville-Marie
  • Ile-des-Sœurs
  • Hampstead
  • Outremont
  • Côte-des-Neiges

Sylvie’s testimonial

“Once again we had a great summer with Annie. Milan’s confidence in the water grew and he was eager to show off the new tricks Annie taught him. As a mom, I love the way Annie challenges my son to go beyond what he feels he can do. Looking forward to swim lessons with Aquado again next year.“

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