Swimming lessons
are better at home

Stay home and achieve your goals – in one summer


As a Canadian Red Cross training partner, Aquado offers private and semi-private at-home swimming lessons adapted to every swimmer.


As an affiliated member of the Lifesaving Society, Aquado offers four at-home lifesaving courses to become a certified lifeguard.

First Aid

This at-home training allows parents to acquire the necessary first aid and lifesaving knowledge and skills to ensure their kids’ safety all summer long.

for Pool Parties

Certified as a National Lifeguards, our swim and lifesaving instructors will monitor your pool during your parties or events.

Why Aquado


Our passionate team makes all the difference.

Our directors and coordinators succeed at making Aquado’s entire team of instructors and all our swimmers happy throughout the entire summer by giving everybody the best experience possible.

Our swim Instructors are the ones that make you fall in love with swimming and help you accomplish all your objectives over the course of the summer.

Our lifesaving instructors make sure you are having fun during your lifeguarding trainings and give you the desire to become a lifeguard yourself.

Our lifeguards give you peace of mind regarding pool safety and allow you to enjoy your parties and events by completely taking care of all swimmers’ safety, both in and around your pool.


Aquado’s at-home lifeguarding and swimming services offer several advantages – not just for our swimmers, but for their whole family as well! Our at-home lessons offer:

  • A more familiar and safer environment to learn;
  • A closer and more personal relationship with your swim instructor;
  • Better training in recognizing and preventing dangers related to residential pools;
  • Feedback and personalized exercises to practice after each lesson;
  • No traveling before or after lessons;
  • Free time for the parents while their children swim;
  • A schedule you reserve and modify according to your availability;
  • And much more to discover!

All these advantages of having a certified and experienced swim instructor who travels to you greatly improves a swimmer’s progress and makes life easier for their family.


At-home swimming lessons for babies (0 to 3 years old) : focus on safety techniques in aquatic environments. Through games, songs and themed lessons, we familiarize babies with having their head under water and moving about in the water on their belly and back. We also start introducing more advanced safety techniques such as floating on their back.

At-home swimming lessons for preschool (3 to 5) and elementary (5 to 12) aged swimmers focus on games and themed lessons. Children are filled with energy and want to release it. This is why Aquado offers them exercises and challenges that are fun and help them learn all the different swimming styles.

At-home swimming lessons or lifesaving courses for teenagers (12 to 16 years old) : are focused on learning, mastering and perfecting swimming styles. Remember: A 13-year-old can have the same swimming skills as a 6-year-old, but it’s the approach that differs. As an affiliated member of the Lifesaving Society, Aquado also provides lifeguard trainings (Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross and First-Aid) offering teens the opportunity to take courses from home with their friends!

At-home swimming lessons, lifesaving courses or aquafitness classes for adults (16 to 65) are tailored towards the swimmer’s level, like all other age groups. These lessons can be adapted for adults who are still learning how to swim. For higher level swimmers, the lessons focus on perfection of the swimming styles.

At-home swimming lessons and aquafitness classes for seniors (65 ans older) : work as a more standard way to teach swimming methods and styles. Even though we all make the same progress regardless of age, our senior swimmers can still ask their master swimmer to focus on specific concepts and techniques.

Swimmers with special needs : Our swim instructors have the mission of allowing all their swimmers to progress during the summer by adapting to each of their capacities, either psychological or physical. Many of them have already acquired experience with swimmers with a handicap of special needs and will be happy to work with you this summer!

Testimonial from Natasha and Ron,

“We are very happy with our at-home swimming lessons with Aquado. Our swim instructor Charlotte has been exceptional with our daughter Yuma. She used teaching methods that were adapted to Yuma’s personality (she is very competitive!) and knew how to make the lessons interesting for a little girl who sometimes wanted to nap instead of swim. Thank you for helping Yuma gain a lot of confidence in the pool, see you again next summer!”

Did you know that…

Unfortunately, drowning is the main cause of death for children aged one to four? McGill University’s Health Centre strongly recommends swimming lessons for anybody who doesn’t know how to swim, especially very young children.

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