At-Home Swimming Lessons for Kids (3-5)


Young Children
and Swimming

At Aquado, we specialise in swimming lessons for children. Aware that children are veritable bundles of energy when it comes to playing in the water, we’ve developed an approach that specifically targets the age, level and interests of our swimmers. Our approach, which follows the Red Cross Swim programs, emphasizes learning swimming through games.

Aquado’s master-swimmers not only teach children how to become independent in the water, but also how to learn basic and intermediate swimming techniques that teach them how to swim well and allowing parents to feel safe while their children are in the water.

Our Preschool Age
Swimmers (3 to 5 years old)

Over the years, Aquado has realized that children are, on average, ready to swim by themselves around the age of 3, unless a certain condition like fear of the water or a physical handicap.

From 3 years old and onward, a swimmer taking lessons from Aquado will follow the same progression as a 7-year-old swimmer, a 13-year-old swimmer or even an adult swimmer! The only thing that changes is the approach. During our at-home swimming lessons for preschool age children, our instructors implement themes, games and songs, as well as the dynamism of our master-swimmers – all to motivate the swimmer! The stages of progression, such as submerging the head under water, using floating devices, and front crawl and back crawl are essential elements to be mastered prior to learning how to swim, whether you’re 3 or 33 years old!

Nearly half of our swimmers are between 3 and 5 years old. Aquado’s master-swimmers are trained in offering preschool age children stimulating and dynamic lessons. Our master-swimmers teach them how to float, how to glide, how to kick and the basics of the front crawl and back crawl (using their arms, breathing, kicking their legs, etc.).

For children less than 5, we recommend 40-minute swimming lessons. In addition, we recommend taking 16 private lessons over the summer to ensure that your child can swim once fall comes. More than 90% of our swimmers above 4 years old learn how to swim after just 12 lessons! Some champions even learn to swim at just 2 and a half years old!

Red Cross Swim
Preschool Program

Aquado offers the following swimming levels for preschool age children:

Sea otter (Discovering the basics)

Salamander (Learning to swim 2m)

Sunfish (Learning to swim 5m)

Crocodile (Learning to swim 10m)

Whale (Prepare to learn the front crawl and back crawl)

Some 5-year-olds make quick progress with Aquado and some can even start the Red Cross Junior Swim program. Once they meet the criteria for Whale level, they can immediately start the Junior 2 level (learning the front crawl).

Learning While Playing

Our teaching approach is characterized by the relationship we create with our swimmers. Our master-swimmers create a personalized report and take the time to get to know every child. This way we can adapt our exercises in accordance with the learning style and interests of each swimmer.

These swimming lessons
for children
a friendly and fun
approach where
children learn
through having fun

Important! Our swimming lessons for children are both for children who are learning the basics of swimming and for children who can already swim on their own in the water and ready to learn the swimming styles!

These swimming lessons for children demonstrate a friendly and fun approach where children learn through having fun. Children who take our lessons will notice quicker advancement in technical aspects than children who take swimming lessons at public pools.

At Aquado, safety plays a fundamental role in our teaching techniques. Our master-swimmers make sure to put forth the safest practices and habits regarding aquatic environments.

Entrust Your Children with Aquado!

Entrust your children with Aquado so they can surpass their current abilities, conquer their fears and learn how to swim alone. Sign your children up now to book your spot for this summer!

Did you know that…

Over half of the world’s population regularly uses swimming as way to stay in shape and have fun? Swimming is a valuable exercise since it allows us to greatly improve our cardiorespiratory fitness and can cause very little, if any, injuries.