At-Home Swimming Lessons for 
Kids (5-12)


wimming is an exceptional sport for children of all ages, regardless of their level. But even if a swimmer can get by in the water or knows how to swim alone, swimming lessons are an excellent way to incorporate physical activity into their schedules and improve their endurance and swimming technique, a useful skill that will last a lifetime. Our swimming lessons are helpful both for students who want to practice for a swimming club and for students who simply want to swim with their friends. And they will prove critical should a child find his or herself in an emergency situation or need to swim a long distance.

Aquado’s at-home swimming lessons focus on learning all the swimming styles in a precise and logical order: the front crawl, the back crawl, the elementary backstroke, the breaststroke, the sidestroke and the butterfly. Our swimming lessons for children between 5 and 12 years old give precedence to increasing endurance.

And we do it with fun, a smile, a good spirit and no shortage of encouragement, games, challenges and much more!

The Red Cross Swim Kids
Program (5 to 12 years old)

Aquado’s swimming levels for elementary age children are as follows:

  • Kids 1 (Learning to Swim)
  • Kids 2 (Learning the Front Stroke)
  • Kids 3 (Learning the Back crawl)
  • Kids 4 (Improving Styles and Endurance)
  • Kids 5 (Learning the Elementary Backstroke)*
  • Kids 6 (Learning the Breaststroke)
  • Kids 7 (Improving Style and Endurance)
  • Kids 8 (Learning the Sidestroke)
  • Kids 9 (Learning the Butterfly)
  • Kids 10 (Perfecting Style, Speed and Endurance)

*We cannot provide any Red Cross Swim badges above Kids 7 inclusively. However we do give lessons for more advanced swimmers!

The Aquado Approach for
Elementary School Aged Kids

Our approach for children aged from 5 to 12 is characterized by the relationship our master-swimmers forge with their swimmers. They establish a personalized report and learn to get to know the children, tailoring the exercises to the child’s level and interests. Our master-swimmers are all dynamic young people who are excellent with children! They know how to motivate them and let them have fun, all while staying completely safe and focused on optimal progress!Our younger
swimmers progress
at an
impressive speed
Since Aquado offers a private or semi-private at-home service, our younger swimmers progress at an impressive speed with their master-swimmers. Some 6-year-olds progress 4 to 7 levels in just one summer! Our master swimmers teach them from where they are and take them as far as possible while keeping to their student’s speed, strengths and weaknesses and maintaining a fun and friendly atmosphere!

Did you know that…

Since 2010 in Quebec, a new regulation governs residential swimming pools. Access control and the construction of enclosures are now mandatory to protect young children from the dangers of water. In fact, if you do not meet the security criteria, you are liable to a fine of $500!