wimming lessons are our bread and butter here at Aquado. Most of our master-swimmers specialize in these lessons and, in turn, this is our most popular service. We offer at-home swimming lessons, either one-on-one or in a group, for swimmers of all ages (from 4 months old and up) and of any level (from afraid of the water to experts). Our master-swimmers are trained to meet your needs, whether you want to learn the basics of swimming if you’re a beginner, whether you want to perfect your technique and increase your distance and speed or whether you’re an advanced swimmer and wish to train for a competition like a triathlon. The goal of our dynamic master-swimmers is to offer personalized and enjoyable swimming lessons that result in optimal progress. They do this by ensuring you have a rewarding experience with both swimming and Aquado.

Why take Aquado’s at-home
swimming lessons?

We base our swimming lessons on the needs, interests and capacities of our swimmers. Each success, however small, is highlighted in order to give our swimmers confidence and make them aware of their progress. Aquado’s swimming program is taught in levels based on mastery of specific concepts and not on the swimmer’s’ age. We believe that each swimmer is different and must advance at his/her own pace. For example, certain 3-year-old swimmers are at the same level as some 7-year-old swimmers. We nonetheless focus on thematic instruction with games for our children swimmers between 1 and 5.

It’s up to you to choose the frequency of your swimming lessons. You can book your courses daily or weekly, all depending on your schedule. This ensures constant progression throughout the summer. We offer packages of 8 and 12 visits. Each at-home lesson can last between 40 minutes and 3 hours depending on the number of lessons and their duration. If you have several swimmers of different levels, the lessons will be divided between them.


All the advantages of having a certified and experienced master-swimmer who travels to you greatly improves a swimmer’s progress and makes life easier for their family.


lthough the majority of our swimmers are beginners and are between 3 and 7 years old, Aquado offers private lessons for infants and toddlers (4 months to 3 years) preschool children (3 to 5), elementary school children (6 to 11), teenagers (12 to 17), adults (18 to 59) and to seniors (60 and older). In addition, we offer lessons to beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmers.

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Our private at-home lessons

Aquado has specialized in at-home private lessons since 2014. This service offers one-on-one lessons, i.e. one master-swimmer per one swimmer. This formula allows for quicker progress and more individualization for each swimmer.

We recommend between 12 and 16 one-on-one lessons for swimmers between 2 and a half and 7 years old who do not know how to swim on their own. This number of lessons is recommended to ensure optimal learning and ideal progressions and gives the parents complete confidence in letting their child swim in a pool alone. For older swimmers or those who already know how to swim, you can go with our 8- to 12-lesson course.

Many children don’t get the help and feedback they need due to a large number of swimmers in group classes. Aquado’s private, tailored and personalized lessons are perfect for them!

Our at-home group swimming lessons

Aquado also offers at-home lessons to groups of swimmers who can already swim by themselves and who are at about the same level. While the approach of the master-swimmer is less personalized and adapted to each swimmer than for one-on-one lessons, at-home swimming lessons in small groups of 2 or 3 swimmers can just as easily result in quicker progression than your typical group lessons, which can sometimes include up to 10 swimmers!

Swimmers benefit from any attention they need from the master-swimmer during the entirety of their lessons, which is important regarding both feedback and safety.

How Our at-Home
Swimming Classes Work

Since Winter 2017, Aquado has been a partner of the Red Cross. We follow the level of their Red Cross Swim programs but implement our personaliz

Our master-swimmers receive much information on their swimmers before beginning the contracts, like their age, what they’re comfortable with, their skills and even their level corresponding to Red Cross Program. Our master-swimmers then have a proper profile on each swimmer before beginning the lessons to save time and offer personalized lessons from the get-go.

Meeting and Evaluation

  • During the first course, our master swimmers take a few minutes to get to know their swimmers as well as their swimming experience, their objectives, motivations, interests and fears.
  • Our master-swimmers then take a few minutes to evaluate the level of their swimmer/s by having them partake in various exercises and activities.


  • Based on their observations, our master swimmers create a handful of objectives to work on for the 8, 12 or 16 at-home swimming lessons.


  • Next, our master-swimmers create a routine of games and exercises to get the swimmer warmed up and prepared for the session. At Aquado, we find it important to always begin lessons with the same routine, which includes one or several fun activities. The routines are safe for every swimmer, especially children, and get them ready to begin the lesson with enthusiasm.


  • After this, we begin the instructive session, the heart of the course which corresponds specifically to the swimmer’s goals or preferences. The master-swimmers include tons of exercises and technical games. Each exercise or technique will be worked on several times and re-explained if necessary to ensure the swimmers have mastered it. Herein lies the advantage of at-home lessons: We can take as much time as needed with each swimmer!

Challenges and Learning Games

  • To end the lesson, our master-swimmers continue with a period where they review the techniques, which are presented in the form of challenges! If the goal of the lesson has been reached, our master-swimmers reward their swimmers with two to three minutes of games.

Feedback and Follow-up

  • After each lesson, our master-swimmers take a few minutes to explain what was learned during the lesson and exercises to practice with other family members before the next lesson.
  • After each lesson, our master-swimmers check off the criteria passed by their swimmer in their progress report, and can do so in the presence of the parents if asked.
  • It is very likely that the swimmers will advance more than one level during their summer with Aquado. Some of our swimmers advance up to 8 levels in just one summer! Using the Red Cross Swim’s progress reports allow our master-swimmers to highlight the progress of their swimmers after each lessons and hand out stickers (Red Cross Swim Preschool) or badges (Red Cross Swim Junior) every time a swimmer meets the criteria of a new level.

During the last lesson, our master-swimmers go over all the concepts touched on during the summer. The last lesson serves as a wrap-up to ensure each criterion of the last level are met. At the end of the lesson, the instructor will make their final Red Cross Swim report card and the last sticker or badge will be given to the swimmer. Then one picture of the master-swimmer and their student will be taken so we all have a great memento of the summer we spent together!

Don’t worry: Despite the rundown above, your master-swimmer will be flexible with their course and in scheduling the lessons. If you wish to try a different method, they would be happy to find an exercise that works for you.

Did you know that…

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