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Lifeguarding Trainings

Home-trained lifeguards

Registration will open on 7 juin 2021

Home trainings

The best way
to become lifeguard

We're here to offer a format that's right for you

Aquado is the first Quebec company to has adapted the recognized Lifesaving Society trainings in order to offer them to small groups of friends, according to schedules chosen by the candidates, in their own backyard swimming pool.

We offer an adapted format to children and teenagers aged 8 to 16 years old, in order to allow them to learn in a more familiar and more comfortable environment, and to progress faster. Aquado offers all the official trainings that allow teenagers to have a rewarding job as a lifeguard, at Aquado or at their municipal pool.

Taking your training
at home

Our lifesaving instructors can teach all recognized awards in the comfort of your backyard.

Our at-home lifeguarding trainings allow:
  • A privileged relationship with your lifesaving instructor
  • A class schedule chosen according to your availability
  • Fun times while learning with your best friends

A more optimal path

Aquado suggests that candidates take one training per summer with Aquado, from the age of 13. Here's the most popular way to follow the at-home process to become a lifeguard.

Becoming a lifeguard in 3 summers with Aquado
  • Bronze Medallion and Cross combined
  • Standard First Aid
  • National Lifeguard


Offered trainings

Swim Patrol

Optional — 10 hour program for youth of 8-12 years old who wish to discover lifesaving and improve their swimming techniques.

Bronze Star

Optional — First Bronze level certification for youth 11 years and older who wish to be introduced to lifesaving (8 hours).

Bronze Medallion

Mandatory - Second Bronze level certification for those 13 years and older who want to become lifeguards (14 hours).

Bronze Cross

Mandatory — Final Bronze level certification (18 hours) which allows youth to become assistant lifeguards or to supervise small pools.

Medal and Bronze Cross – Combined

Popular accelerated formula (24 hours) of the two mandatory bronze certificates.

Standard First Aid

Mandatory — 16 hour training needed prior to starting National Lifeguard.

National Lifeguard – Pool

Mandatory — Last certification before finally becoming a certified lifeguard. 40 hours of training offered to youth 15 years and older.


Your selection of prices.

Standard First Aid

Prerequisites for the National Lifeguard certificate (16 h)

Number of candidates
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
275 $Before taxes

National Lifeguard

Final certification for ages 15 and up, mandatory (40 h)

Number of candidates
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
650 $Before taxes

Our home training sessions are only offered during the summer.

Frequent Questions

Learn more with answers to the questions that come up most often.

Can I register for a course on my own?

At this time, we do not match candidates to an existing group. You must create your own group with your friends.

What equipment should we buy?

Your lifeguard instructor will provide all candidates with the necessary equipment including manuals, gloves and first aid supplies. However, each candidate must have its own surgical mask and swimming equipment (swimsuit and towel).

How many candidates can be trained?

You can have as many applicants as you want if you meet the minimum number required. The minimum number of candidates depends on the course chosen, but varies between 3 and 4. Visit our Fees page for more details.

Why are the training times not the same as on the Lifesaving Society's website?

Another Aquado advantage! Since we offer training to small groups (usually between 4 and 6 candidates) – compared to the usual training sessions that can accommodate up to 20 candidates – Aquado can offer a reduced training time.

Some testimonials

See what our clients and candidates have to say about our home rescue training.

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