Swimmers with
Special Needs


t Aquado, we make sure that we can offer our at-home swimming lessons to every type of swimmer, including those with special needs. To do this, we take the time to get to know each swimmer as soon as they sign up. After beginning the lessons, we will learn about their particular needs, interests, goals and anything else that can help us better teach them. Further, all of our master swimmers take an intensive training course at the beginning of the summer so they can be better equipped to respond to the specific needs of their swimmers.

Finally, all the lessons are personalized from the beginning and adjusted as needed throughout the season in order to ensure the most productive learning possible!

Aquado offers swimming and lifeguarding services that allow you to trust your desire to learn (or that of your child) in the hands of a master-swimmer who will focus all their time, attention and energy to your or your child alone throughout the entire swimming course.

Swimmers with attention deficit disorder
with or without hyperactivity (ADHD)

Does your child have ADHD and have trouble concentrating or staying calm in a large group? Aquado’s at-home swimming lessons are perfect for this situation. In addition to advantages to concentration, motor performance and stress and anger management, our at-home swimming lessons help our students reach their full potential with patient and open-minded master-swimmers who will encourage them, help them exert some of that energy and reinforce their self-confidence.

Swimmers with serious
behavioral problems (Code 14)

Does your child have authority problems or any other behavioral problem? Our private swimming courses at your own home implement various exercises focused on releasing their negative energy in a positive manner. The advantage with private courses is that the lessons do not have to focus on meeting the needs of an entire group, but just one swimmer. This keeps your child more interested and motivated since we can base our lessons off games and subjects that your child likes! Our master swimmers are experienced in responding to impulsivity in swimmers and take advice from you on how to work best with your child. Safety is also highly integrated with these lessons in order to limit unsafe actions. Finally, we put a ton of focus on effort validation in order to improve the child’s self-confidence, motivation and perseverance.

Swimmer with language problems
or language deficiency (Code 34)

Does your child have difficulties expressing himself, with comprehension and/or visit a speech therapist and have difficulties keeping up with a group? If so, then our lessons are just for you! Aquado’s at-home swimming lessons allow your child to learn how to swim quickly, in an encouraging environment with a master-swimmer who will take their time to focus on communicating and transferring their experience to your child. Our master-swimmers spend a large portion of their lessons, with every swimmer, on demonstrations and exercises. They teach in this manner not only for better integration of aquatic skills but in an effort to mitigate any problem your child has with speech comprehension.

Swimmers with intellectual
disabilities (Codes 23, 24)

Does your child have Down’s syndrome or another type of intellectual disability? Aquado’s approach, using exercises, exploration and experimentation, ensures more productive learning in our swimmers with an intellectual disadvantage. Our private at-home swimming lessons help our swimmers develop their motor and physical skills with exercises our instructors developed specifically for each swimmer. Our master-swimmers are always cheerful, patient, dynamic and will strive their hardest to create a unique relationship in order to make this your best experience of the summer!

Swimmers with Autism
Spectrum Disorder (ASD) (Code 50)

Does your child suffer from ASD? And are you wondering if private at-home swimming lessons from Aquado will benefit them? Absolutely! Our swimming lessons offer your child just as many cognitive benefits as physical. Breathing exercises, propulsion and coordination are worked on in order to teach as many styles as possible. Our goal is to accompany them and allow them to reach reasonable goals. Our swimming lessons are adapted to each swimmer and based on routines and habits that allow swimmers to feel safe and confident during the lessons and to know what to expect. Furthermore, drowning is one of the main causes of death in children suffering from autism, and our swimming lessons allow them to learn how to be safe around a body of water.

Swimmers with a physical handicap (motor (Code 36),
a visual handicap (Code 42) or an auditory handicap (Code 44))

Aquado trains and prepares all our master-swimmers for physical handicaps, such as motor, visual and auditory handicaps. Our private, one-on-one approach allows our master-swimmers to take the time to clearly explain and demonstrate swimming techniques at each stage of progress. A lot of time and energy go into these lessons in order to ensure understanding and to make sure each step is carried out before starting the next – which is crucial for learning and mastering the swimming styles!

Did you know that…

The winner of the most medals in Olympic history, swimmer Michael Phelps, has attention deficit disorder and he found swimming to be the best remedy!