Our Lifeguarding Trainings


The Bronze
Cross Certification

The Bronze Cross certification is the second step to becoming a lifeguard. This 14-hour training requires each swimmer to be at least 13 years of age and already have received the Bronze Medallion in order to take this course.

The training is more thorough than training for the Bronze Medallion and emphasizes the role of the lifeguard in aquatic installations, and recognizing emergency situations and the procedures to take should one occur.

Lifeguarding is often done as a team, and cooperation, communication and collaboration between members of a team is also a crucial focus.

Obtaining Bronze Cross certification allows swimmers to further their dream of becoming a lifeguard, since these courses open the doors for the more advanced National Lifeguard course.

Personalized Training
with Aquado

Aquado’s program offers training in small groups of 2 to 6 swimmers instead of the 12 to 20 swimmers common in public lessons. In addition, you can choose your own group of swimmers to join your lessons! How fun?! This more private approach provides us a method of adapting our exercises and teaching methods to the specific personality of each swimmer and to spend as much time needed on concepts they need help with the most.
Our Bronze Medallion course is offered at home and in your own residential pool! Aquado has adapted its formula to better practice swimming concepts at home. This formula allows our swimmers to be more comfortable in their environment.

Don’t think you have the swimming skills to go for the Bronze Cross certification?Schedule a private at-home swimming course with Aquado now!

Concepts Mastered in
Our Bronze Cross Course

Bronze Cross training ensures that swimmers have fully mastered the concepts learned in the prior level, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), towing an unresponsive victim and swimming endurance.

On the other hand, this training teaches a multitude of new lifeguard techniques such as saving multiple victims and stabilizing a victim suffering from a spinal injury. Many other lifeguard situations are addressed and include situations, actions and behaviors that increase risks for swimmers.

Lifesaving Society
of Quebec

Aquado has been a partner of the Lifesaving Society of Quebec since Summer 2016. The Lifesaving Society has been the main organization for lifeguarding training in Canada since 1896. Each year, the Society offers its lifeguard, first-aid and pool monitoring training programs to over one million Canadians. Whoa!

Did you know that…

Since 2010 in Quebec, a new regulation governs residential swimming pools. Access control and the construction of enclosures are now mandatory to protect young children from the dangers of water. In fact, if you do not meet the security criteria, you are liable to a fine of $500!