quado offers at-home swimming lessons, lifeguarding trainings and first aid trainings in Greater Montreal. Our instructors are trained by the Canadian Red Cross and the Lifesaving Society. Before the summer season, they are also trained with Aquado by our aquatic coordinators so that they know exactly how to meet your goals, whether it is learning how to swim, learning the swimming strokes, becoming a babysitter or becoming a lifeguard! Our dynamic and experienced swim and water safety instructors, lifesaving instructors and emergency care instructors have the goal to offer you personalized and fun at-home swimming lessons, lifeguarding trainings and first aid trainings!

Why At-Home Swimming Lessons with Aquado?

Aquado is the specialist when it comes to at-home swimming lessons, lifeguarding trainings and first aid trainings in Quebec. Our instructors are all certified Water Safety Instructor (WSI), National Lifeguard (NL) and General First Aid/AED (GFA) with the Canadian Red Cross and the Lifesaving Society. They have accumulated several years of experience as lifeguards and swim instructors before joining our team. Our lifesaving instructors also have the Lifesaving Instrucror (LI) certification and our emergency care instructors, the Emergency Care Instructor (ECI) certifications, all official Lifesaving Society certifications.

Our at-home services are completely different then what you are used to find in local pools. Our instructors respect the official programs, however they adapt their approach according to their swimmers’ and candidates’ needs and capacity.

You are sick of having to get up early on Sunday mornings to go the the public pool, deal with the travel, the lockers, all of that to see your children freeze in the pool while waiting for their turn? Aquado’s at-home instructors will come to your house (or your parents’ our friend’s house!) at times are convenient for your family and will offer you the best services, productive and adapted to your needs!


A certified and experienced instructor who comes to your home… it makes family life easier, ensures optimal progression and fun throughout the summer!


ven if the majority of our swimmers are beginners aged 3 to 7 years old, Aquado offers at-home swimming lessons to babies (4 months to 2 years), preschool kids (3 to 5 years), elementary school kids (5 to 12 years), teenagers (13 to 18 years), adults (18 to 50 years) and seniors (50 years and over). We offer lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmers.



Our At-Home Swimming Lessons

Aquado is specialized in at-home private swimming lessons since 2014. The one-on-one formula allows the best progression and the most personalized approach.

We suggest 12 or 16 30-minute at-home private swimming lessons for swimmers aged 2 years and over who can’t swim by themselves yet. This number of lessons is recommended to ensure an optimal progression so that they can swim by themselves as soon as possible! It also allows the best relationships with their instructors to ensure they enjoy their lessons!

For older swimmers or swimmers who can swim by themselves, we recommend a minimum of 12 45-minute lessons. Many children don’t have the help and feedback they need due to the high number of swimmers in group lessons. Our private swimming lessons are perfect for them!

Aquado also offers semi-private swimming lessons for swimmers who can already swim by themselves and who are approximately the same level. Small groups of 2 to 4 swimmers are a little less personnalized but is still a great option compared to group lessons — who often have up to 10 swimmers at a time! Swimmers benefit from all the attention they need from their instructor, which is important for their feedback as well as their safety!


Our At-Home Lifeguarding Trainings

Aquado offers lifeguarding trainings in partnership with the Lifesaving Society for kids and teens aged 8 years and over. We offer the Swim Patrol program (8 to 12 years), Bronze Star (11 years and over), Bronze Medallion (13 years and over), Bronze Medallion and Cross combined and Bronze Cross.

The candidates build their own group of friends 2 to 6 friends and become lifeguards in the comfort of their own pool!

Our At-Home First Aid Trainings

Aquado offers at-home first aid trainings for groups of 2 to 6 candidates. For children, we offer the Stay Safe! (9 years and over) and Babysitters (11 to 15 years) Red Cross programs. We also offer the General First Aid/AED training in parnership with the Lifesaving Society. Aquado also has a short training (2-3 hours) called Parent-Rescuer for parents who want to know the basics of water safety, lifeguarding and first aid.

Our Lifeguard Service for Pool Parties

You can also book a lifeguard for your pool parties this summer! All of our instructors are certified National Lifeguards. If you organize a birthday party or an evening with your friends, it’s always a great idea to reserve a lifeguard to ensure that all the swimmers are safe around and in the pool while the adults can enjoy their time!

Did you know…

Since 2010 in Quebec, a new regulation governs residential swimming pools. Access control and enclosure construction are now mandatory to protect young children from the dangers of water. In fact, if you do not meet the security criteria, you are liable to a fine of $ 500! Do not take a chance and learn more about this settlement here.