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South Shore Montreal


id you know that there is one pool for every sixteen residents in Quebec? You shouldn’t be surprised: South Shore Montreal is filled with in-ground residential pools! There’s nothing better than enjoying the warm months of summer in Quebec. And as far as Aquado’s concerned, there’s nothing better than taking at-home swimming lessons!

Aquado fuses pleasure, expertise and safety to offer at-home swimming and lifeguard lessons, which all of our swimmers and students love. With a dynamic and professional team, Aquado makes sure to meet the expectations of each of our swimmers.

Aquado’s Services
in South Shore

Aquado offers various entertaining services for teaching and improving swimming and lifeguarding techniques. Experienced in working both with young children and grown-ups, we offer many personalized services adapted to the age of our swimmers and their specific learning needs.

What areas does
Aquado service?

Have we not reached your neighborhood yet? Do you and your neighbors want to take our lessons? Send us a message and we will try to find a master-swimmer who can give you at-home lessons this summer!

  • Brossard
  • Boucherville
  • LaPrairie
  • Longueuil
  • Saint-Lambert
  • Candiac
  • Saint-Bruno-De-Montarville
  • Saint-Hubert
  • Sainte-Catherine


First and foremost, all of Aquado’s swimming and lifeguard services are offered at home, in your own residential pool. Our approach allows our swimmers to learn in an environment in which they are comfortable and safe, with no distractions. In addition, you no longer have to travel to take high-quality swimming lessons!

Secondly, Aquado offers a very flexible schedule that adapts to your own. In fact, you can schedule your swimming lessons from Saturday to Thursday from 8am to 8pm There is no obligation to schedule the same days and hours each week. Even better, you can put your lessons on hold while you go on vacation! How practical!

Finally, our master-swimmers adapt each exercise to each swimmer so they can enjoy and love their swimming lessons. This allows our swimmers to progress at their own pace and to learn more quickly, all while building a relationship of trust with their master-swimmer. You will love each and every minute of your swimming lessons with Aquado!

Sylvie’s Testimonial

“Once again we had a great summer with Annie. Milan’s confidence in the water grew and he was eager to show off the new tricks Annie taught him. As a mom, I love the way Annie challenges my son to go beyond what he feels he can do. Looking forward to swim lessons with Aquado again next year.“

Did you know that…

Florence, 6 years old, is our youngest swimmer to pass 8 levels in one summer.