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id you know that there are more residential pools per resident in Quebec than in California or Florida? Laval has tons of residential pools thanks to its large number of families and the size of its lots. In addition to being a place for family relaxation and fun, residential pools are the perfect environment for learning how to swim.

With better knowledge of swimming, your pool will become a safer place for games, exercises or get-togethers.

Aquado is the number one specialist in at-home swimming and lifeguard lessons in Laval. Our team of certified master-swimmers with over 5 years’ experience offer lessons to swimmers of all ages and levels.

stands out

First and foremost, Aquado offers a very flexible schedule adapted to your availability. You can schedule your swimming lessons from Saturday to Thursday from 8am to 8pm, with no obligation to schedule the same days and hours each week.

Secondly, our swimming lessons in Laval allow our swimmers to learn in an environment with which they are familiar and safe, with no distractions. Our master-swimmers can then help their students progress much more quickly with typical lessons.

Finally, our master-swimmers adapt each exercise to each swimmer in order to keep the swimmer entertained and loving their swimming lessons. This way, each swimmer progresses at their own speed while building a level of trust in their master-swimmer. Our swimmers love each minute of their swimming class with Aquado!

Aquado’s Services
in Laval

One-on-one swimming lessons and group lessons
Aquado’s approach, which follows the Red Cross Swim programs, is designed so as to teach any swimmer how to swim, no matter their age, skills or level. In Laval, we offer an approach based on one-on-one lessons and another approach for small group lessons. For more details on our at-home swimming lessons, click here.

Lifeguard training
Do your teenagers want to become a lifeguard? Aquado offers Lifesaving Society of Quebec lifeguard training at home and anywhere in Laval. Here are the programs we offer in Laval :

Aquatic Safety Training for Parents
For two years now in Laval, Aquado has offered preventive training to parents and pool owners. This two-hour course includes basic lifeguard, lifesaving and first-aid techniques so parents can be ready to prevent and react to accidents in and around their pool. To learn more, click here.

Lifeguard service for monitoring residential pools for parties
Being experienced and certified lifeguards as well, Aquado’s master-swimmers are available in Laval to monitor your pool for parties or other events that make use of your pool. Finally, you can enjoy your event without having to worry about the safety of your swimmers! Learn more here.

Our presence
in Laval

Have we not reached your neighborhood yet? Do you and your neighbors want to take our lessons? Send us a message and we will try to find a master-swimmer who can give you at-home lessons this summer!

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Mary’s testimonial

Thank you and we will definitely see you next summer! Lacey had a wonderful experience.”

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