First Aid/AED



Standard First Aid/AED

Our Standard First Aid/AED training is a course spread out over of 2 days. This course is recognized by the Lifesaving Society of Quebec and is mandatory for beginning National Lifeguard training. This course is available to any swimmer 14 years old and older.

In sixteen hours, you will deepen your knowledge on a number of subjects, such as treating wounds, various injuries, burns and allergic reactions, as well as the how to care for victims who in shock and how to react during environmentally related emergencies.

In addition, you will learn how to provide specific treatments in order to stabilize an injury, how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) and how to administer an adrenaline autoinjector. Finally, you will observe in detail how to perform CPR on an adult, a child or an infant and how to react in emergency cases of respiratory or cardiac arrest.

Why take Aquado’s Standard
First Aid/AED course?

Flexible Scheduling – We don’t make your schedule for you. It’s you who decides how long your sessions will be and at what times. A certified and experienced Aquado master-lifeguard will travel to your home. Talk about accommodating!

At home – what better place to wait for your lessons to begin than in your own pool! Our at-home training allows swimmers to feel more comfortable thanks to a familiar environment (their own home) and learn how to correctly react to incidents in their own pool should the need arise. No need to worry: Our master-swimmers teach their swimmers concepts used in public pools as well. This way they can be better prepared for a career in lifeguarding. How practical is that?!

In small groups – Aquado offers lessons in groups of a minimum of four swimmers — quite the opposite with public pools, where up to 12 swimmers can share a single lesson and instructor. This really helps push our swimming students to their potential and allows us to give each and every swimmer the attention they need. Aquado’s master-lifeguards are trained to adapt their teaching methods to suit the needs of a group environment. How reassuring?!

Aquado’s Other

Would you like to improve your swimming skills before taking this course?
Schedule a private at-home swimming course with Aquado now!

Think 16 hours is too much, but still want to acquire enough skills to make sure your family is safe around and inside of your pool?
Book Aquado’s at-home water safety training for parents today! It only lasts two hours but touches on nearly almost all lifeguarding and lifesaving techniques.

Speaking of lifeguards, would you like to hire one for an event of yours where you’ll be using your pool? All our master-lifeguards are available to monitor your pool party or special event!

Did you know that…

Jack, a rescue dog, successfully retrieved a person from the water 25 metres out in 96 seconds.